What is a LARP?

What is a LARP?

Live action role-playing game (aka LARP) is an interactive adventure that takes you to another imaginary reality.

Very often these games are compared to an improvisation theatre performance, except there is neither a stage nor an audience. Every single player is an actor playing the game for others and themselves. You can read about LARPs more in Wikipedia or watch some youtube videos that explain it well.

How can I participate in a LARP game?

Every game has its own set of rules, which in general regulates such game elements as fighting, economy, religion, magic, alchemy, survival or the general relationships between players.

By following these rules and the game description the player can create a character of their own desire and play it out in the world provided, interacting with other player and non-player characters.

What will happen if I decide to go to The Twilight Chronicles?

We promise:

  • A mystery to solve;
  • A chance to participate in a sword fight;
  • The opportunity to outsmart each other;
  • The chance to meet new and extraordinary characters;
  • A starry autumn night (if it won’t get cloudy);
  • An adventurous ambience in the lights of bonfires and torches;

We can’t promise fun, because each player is responsible for creating their own fun, but we can certainly promise an adventure!

Ok, I want to try out this LARP. What do I do now?

Go to I want to participate and read the relevant information there.