I want to participate

1. Get to know all the information about the game

  • Read the Rules and get familiar with them. More rules and information will be posted before the game. If necessary, feel free to contact the game masters. We will try to answer your questions to the best of our ability.
  • If you have any questions, please write an email to kreslas.hronikas@gmail.com
  • Join our Facebook group to receive notifications about updates: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kreslas.hronikas/

2. Figure out what and with whom you want to play

Decide if you want to play with friends or as an individual player.

Figure out what kind of character you want to play and write a short story (commonly called a 'legend') about the moment of your character's death.

It is not obligatory to send the character legend to the game masters, but you should have it figured out and it will help you to set the mood and get your mind into the game.

Don't write about the past of your character, because in this particular game the memories of the living world fade, but there may be ways to recover them.

3. Send an application to the game masters

When you have decided on the role you want to play, or all the roles in your team, send your application to the e-mail kreslas.hronikas@gmail.com, and ideally transfer the participation fee to the bank account mentioned below (you can also pay it at the start of the game in cash).

Participation fee:

  • Until the start of October: 15 - 25 € (everyone can transfer whichever sum makes sense to them. This is a non-profit activity for fun, and we will appreciate any kind of financial support)
  • During October: 25 €
  • Fee for players who are not residents of Latvia: 10 €

You can pay us in cash at the start of the game, or transfer the money to this bank account:

Aivars Bondars




Payment information: Payment for LARP. Name, Surname.

Game creators are doing this voluntarily and they assume full financial responsibility for game. The amount generated in the participation fees won’t determine if the game will or will not take place, but we would appreciate if players would make the payment as soon as possible.

4. Prepare for the game

Game outfit

You need to have an appropriate outfit for the game, which would resemble your role (jeans and some sneakers won’t do). The absence of an outfit or it being inappropriate could be a reason for disqualification. You are to stay in the outfit from start to finish of the game. If this is your first game, contact the game masters and you will receive assistance with creating an outfit.

Our game does not have strict rules for an outfit, because we greatly value new players, however well-made and appropriate outfits help you and other players to get into the role. More information on what kind of game outfits we expect can be found here.


During the game only softened weapons will be used – boofs or latex weapons. If you wish to participate in fights, be aware that you need to prepare a weapon and follow the safety rules for fighting.

To participate in the game with a weapon, the weapon will need to be certified before the game. It means that a game master will inspect your weapon and determine if it is safe.

Weapons can be self-made or bought, but do try to have the weapon fit in the overall ambiance of the game.

If this is your first game, contact the game masters and you will receive consultation in regards of purchasing or constructing a weapon.

Tent and camping gear (sleeping bags etc.)

The game takes place over a couple of days, so preparing a place where to sleep is important. If you notify game masters in a timely fashion, it is possible to reserve a spot inside a house near the game area, however most of the players are expected to spend the night outside, so prepare accordingly.

We 100% promise a fireplace. Considering all this, we do encourage the players to help out with creating an ambiance in the camps, taking appropriate materials and tools with you and voluntarily helping out with making the camps look atmospheric.

Food and medicine

Players need to take their own food to the game. Unlimited supply of drinking water will be available during the game. There will be a tavern in the game territory. It will be possible to get a hot beverage in the tavern, and maybe even some small snacks.

If a player has health issues, they must ensure they have all the necessary medication with them and inform the game masters of potential problems, if such can occur during the game.

5. Arrive at the game


2019, October 18 - 20.


Suntaži, Latvia.

Google Maps coordinates: 56.932542,24.933232

You can get to the game:

  • Using your own car (or asking someone to bring you along).
  • Bus Rīga – Ērgļi (station Puriņi). Leads exactly to where the game area is.
  • Bus Rīga – Suntaži, stops in Suntaži city which is 3 km from the game area.