The Norsirai people

This is where all the souls are coming from. This is the world of the living where you were born, suffered through your life, and died. These are the lands and people that shaped your beliefs throughout your life. We expect you to be from the Norsirai lands, but if you like, you may also choose to have a different background from a far away and exotic land.

Who are the Norsirai

Norsirai are the people of the north. They are strong-willed Survivors of the First City, they are warriors who keep tradition and honor in high regard, and believe in an afterlife where they will be meeting their gods.


The north for a long period of time was considered inhabitable due to its harsh nature. However queen Quellia led her people and fought off the local monsters and wildmen to establish the first city. When winter came, they barely survived the cold and storm giants, but the northman prevailed and because of this they often call themselves “survivors”. In time they learned how to live in these harsh conditions and even thrived. Nowadays Quallia’s many children spread out through Norsirai lands to create their own clans. It is a great honor for a family to have a Survivor of the First City in their family tree.


Norsirai is a split and very feudal society where land ownership and family ties mean everything. They are organized in many different clans who often fight each other over territory or questions of honor. Each clan is led by clan-king or clan-queen, often called the Father or the Mother. The clans vary a great deal in riches, power and access to technologies.

Despite being a strict class society, in Norsirai clans tend to be led by women more often which are either fierce shield-maidens aided by their adviser druids or cunning queens aided by mighty warrior-generals. As in any place, the peasantry has to uphold all the society and their life is much harder than those of royal blood who live in great stone or wooden castles.


You can obviously learn a lot about a culture from their idols. And the legends of the Norsirai gods provide a revealing glimpse into a fascinating ancient culture. The stories of the Norsirai gods, passed down for generations throughout the Three Seas, feature remarkable characters from a forgotten time and express values that reflect how these ancient people saw the world. Which, as it turns out, may be a bit different from how we see it today. In fact, when you dig a little deeper, a lot of these myths get really, really weird. When the Norsirai sat around telling stories about their divine beings and avatars, they didn’t create perfect, supreme gods who could do no wrong. They created a pantheon of fallible, often outlandish characters with backstories to match.

In Norsirai lands, even though the druids hold very powerful positions, the religion is not strictly organized and people just choose to believe gods of nature or certain aspects of everyday life, because it makes sense to them and it is always interesting to share the stories about the gods. Even though there can be lots of minor deities and spirits, these are the most widely known.

The Mother of Trees. She is the light. The supreme goddess of life and nature. She is the light fighting against the coming darkness. Despite all attempts to the contrary, she always ensures that life finds a way. She is the light in dark places, she is the Bright Star seen through blooming summer trees. Her domain is a lush land in summertime, filled with endless meadows and forests.

The Father of Ice. He is the darkness and his name is Hel. The supreme god of death and destruction. He is the coming darkness, fighting against the light. Hel represents personal power and taking matters into your own hands. He is the dark path in the woods that one may choose to follow to get to the goal with any means necessary. His domain is an endless wasteland of ice in the deepest winter snowstorm.

The Maiden of War. The protector of the people, and the Avatar of War. If your heart is pure, and you know no fear, her Valkyries will pick you up from the battlefield when you fall, and take you to her halls. Her domain is an endless battlefield, where every morning she would go to battle with you, and in the evening you would feast in her halls.

The Kind Giant. The protector of the people, responsible for giving people fire to survive in the cold of the North. He teaches craftsmanship and working knowledge that improves the life of the people. God of home, hearth, builders and practical knowledge. His domain is a small village where there is always work to be done, and satisfaction to be gained from a work well done.

The Black Raven. The god of shadows, eternity, peace and tranquility. Witches often worship him and sacrifice in his name, in return he comes in their circle to give dark blessings and protect them from enemies. His domain is an eternal meadow in twilight, and the middle of it there is a grotesque forest plunged in an eternal autumn night.

The Blood Spirit. The keeper of knowledge and memory. This god embodies the wisdom and memory that every living being carries inside them. He represents the energy of life in our blood and the story every living being is. His domain is a dusky shore of an endless red sea. If you wade into the water, you can remember every memory of every living being that ever existed.

The Captain. God of the sea and salt water. Being a Davey Jones archetype, he represents opportunity as well as the ups and downs of everyday life. He is the saint of seafarers, opportunists and thieves. His domain is a tropical island in the middle of an endless ocean of stars, where he often sails with his dedicated crew.