Twilight Chronicles V

Grim Scarnose was looking at three arrows protruding from his mighty chest with astonishment. Could he have been beaten by some measly bandit ambush? Scarnose turned around. His companions - the mischievous bard and the prudent healer - were fallen and lying on the ground.

Scarnose’s grip on his sword loosened, and he collapsed. The last thing he heard was the faint sound of the brigand yells of triumph and then everything became dark and silent.

Scarnose opened his eyes. He was in some dark place. But he was alive!

“No, you are not,” a croaky voice said. Someone lit a lantern with a strange shivering glow and Scarnose could see a shadowy figure in front of him holding the light.

“You and your friends are dead. You have to accept it. There is no way back to the world of the living. There’s only the way ahead,” said the voice.

“Damn, where are we?” cried out the bard.

“Welcome to the land of Charon. You are among the living no more, and your journey as the dead starts now. These are the cross-roads. Your spirit and resolve will be measured in this place, and then the almighty ferry-man himself will bring you to the afterworld you deserve. However, if you hesitate, your spirit will fade away in the darkness and there’s no next world for you. Follow me.”

The figure turned and started walking away. Scarnose glanced at his companions. He felt there were memories of them, but they were fading.

“Let’s go! I guess we can figure this out,” Scarnose said and followed the figure.

The key things you should know about the LARP TC: Underworld

  • All player characters have died and have now woken up in the cross-roads world. Many challenges await you in this place, and you will find out about them only during the game.
  • You can start the game as an individual or a group.
  • Players have to prepare a short story of what happened to them the moment they died.
  • Players who want to start the game as a group have died together. Align your back-stories.
  • There is no need for an in-depth character legend, because the memories about the living world fade away as soon as you come to the cross-roads world, however there's a chance of re-discovering them.
  • The emphasis in the game is on social interaction and untangling mysteries. There will be fighting (this is a safe-weapon LARP), but TC: Underworld is not a very combative game.
  • The game mainly will take place during the dusk and the night.


2019, October 18 - 20.


Suntaži - “Axel's forest”. Google Maps coordinates: 56.932542,24.933232

You can get to the game:

  • Using your means of transport (or asking someone to bring you along).
  • Bus Rīga – Ērgļi (station Puriņi). Leads exactly where location is.
  • Bus Rīga – Suntaži, stops in Suntaži city which is 3 km from the location.

Entry price of the game

  • Until the start of October: 15 - 25 EUR (everyone can transfer whichever sum makes sense to them. This is a non-profit activity for fun, so we will appreciate any kind of financial support)
  • During October: 25 EUR
  • Price for foreign players: 10 EUR

You can pay us in cash before or at the start of the game or transfer the money to this bank account:

Aivars Bondars




Payment information: Payment for LARP. Name, Surname

Game creators are doing this voluntarily and they assume full financial responsibility for game. The amount generated in the entry fees won’t determine if the game will or will not take place, but we would appreciate if players would make the payment as soon as possible.


You can apply for the game or contact the organizers in one of the following ways:

You can also write/call privately

  • Aivars Bondars (aivvv) + 371 26644682
  • Rihards Rudzitis (Inx) +371 28686983